Members: Proposal Three


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We encourage you to use the PowerPoint presented at the webinar and the Structure Modernization Discussion Guide to help facilitate conversations in your networks. 

 Members: Proposal Three

  • Change to undelegated system, and purchase technology for real-time, online voting by NOW members who can’t attend in person
    • To be implemented when the National board determines it is financially feasible

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4. Remember be respectful and friendly! All NOW members want to work to improve the organization and it takes collaboration and patience on our part as a grassroots organization to make sure that all of our members voices are heard – even those with whom we may disagree with.

5. Be creative and don’t be afraid to say what you think! It is vital that you share your opinions — in order to create the best proposals possible we need to know what all of the members think! This site is for YOU to have your voices heard.


5 thoughts on “Members: Proposal Three

  1. I believe — stay delegated, find online voting system and that delegates be expected to attend the conference online if they cannot travel.

    Florida Lake NOW


  2. I shared Dina’s concern until today in webinar training when Paul said that members would have to receive a link by email in order to vote. Still, trolls could join the organization at the discounted rate just for the purpose of voting. I guess I would rather go with being inclusive rather than be ruled by fear.


  3. Dina S Willner Northern NJ NOW

    I also agree with Susan. There is a real potential for trolling in online voting to go to that option without investigating the problems.


  4. I believe that any change to undelegated voting would have to occur AFTER a method of on-line voting is in place.
    Until every member can vote, whether or not present at the site, the representational (delegate) method should remain in place.

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