3. Sub-Units and their Relationship to One Another

Webinar Date: 2/4/2015 at 8pm ET

Discussion Board Opens: 2/6/2015

Discussion Board Closes: 6/10/2015

Watch the webinar presentation for Sub-units and their Relationship to One Another.

During the webinar “Sub-units and their Relationship to One Another”, the officers explained the various bylaws outlining the structure and relationships between NOW’s sub-units, including local chapters, state chapters, regions, and the National Action Center.  It was emphasized that chapters, states, and regions are all highly autonomous, and that there are few requirements for information sharing between different entities.  There was significant discussion of the administrative burdens placed on local chapters, particularly the annual reporting process and IRS filings.  Four unique proposals to facilitate a coherent NOW brand and reduce barriers between states and chapters were discussed.  The floor then opened to a lengthy question and answer session.

PowerPoint from Sub-Units and their Relationship to One Another webinar.

Proposed Concepts for Sub-Units and their Relationship to One Another:


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