Conferences: Proposal Four


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We encourage you to use the PowerPoint presented at the webinar and the Structure Modernization Discussion Guide to help facilitate conversations in your networks.  

 Conferences: Proposal Four

  • Keep the current resolutions process (no strategic action plan), except:
    • Resolutions Committee pre-screens, wordsmiths and presents all resolutions to the conference
    • Deadline for submitting resolution to Resolution Committee: 7-10 days before conference
    • Exception for late-breaking developments

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5. Be creative and don’t be afraid to say what you think! It is vital that you share your opinions — in order to create the best proposals possible we need to know what all of the members think! This site is for YOU to have your voices heard.


7 thoughts on “Conferences: Proposal Four

  1. I agree with Joann that we need some “compromise” measure that allows for last minute timely or emergency resolutions to be brought forward from issue hearings etc, while at the same time having a “pre-conference” deadline that allows for the things I mentioned above.

    Unfortunately, I can’t think of the proper wording and hope that others will come forward at conference to “perfect” the rule we may wish to adopt.

    In this and all other proposed changes it will take all of us participating to achieve the best outcome.


  2. Speaking for myself, I think that people who have their resolutions and ideas available in advance would be helpful based just as Janet Canterbury says. However, the conference is the “supreme governing body” of the organization and as such I believe that there needs to be a method for those that attend and meet to discuss and create policy that they believe would help NOW to move women forward. There has to be a middle ground to allow for both, IMHO.
    Joanne Tosti-Vasey
    Ni-Ta-Nee NOW (PA 0555)

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  3. Resolutions come out of the workshops – which is part of the vibrancy of coming to the conference.
    1…. Review council is important… word smith in association with the submitters’ would be a great.
    2…. Why do resolutions have to be complete with the close of council. WE live in a virtual world? Can we not take open resolutions and bring back to delegates/ attendees in association with the Conference – to be closed within 60 (##) days?
    3…. Maybe this needs to be addressed next year after we have other restructuring decisions in place.

    Great opportunities here…. but an after for quality — rather than a before approach – will bring out the Grass Roots focus.

    Florida Lake NOW


  4. I have refrained from posting to these boards as I really wanted to hear other people’s opinions, but as time is drawing near I do want to add my two cents–I speak only for myself as a member–not as a Modernization Committee member or as an Adviser.

    I have often seen NOW’s resolutions quoted or re-printed in the whole in other contexts, i.e. a law journal–and quite frankly I have been concerned that the resolution “quoted’ is not as thoughtful or complete as the subject merits. This is often the result of late-night, last minute throwing together of a resolution by a small group of volunteers who offer to “write it up”

    Therefore, I support a time certain for submitting resolutions to the Resolutions Committee in order to ascertain whether policy already exists, the resolution submitted meets the requirements, might best be combined with other submitted resolutions and yes, that the resolution is grammatically correct.

    The deadline for submission should allow for communication back to the maker(s) for change if needed. Two weeks pre-conference seems appropriate. This change alone forces each of us to be more thoughtful. There should always be an “override” for emergency issues.

    I would also,like for some “retiring” of resolutions that have made it into policy manuals, but are no longer relevant–not destroyed, but archived. Policy manuals should be current and relevant.

    Lastly—I am very much in favor of long-range planning–a plan that is created by the board reviewed, amended and approved by the membership annually in conference.

    Janet M. Canterbury
    Dade County NOW, FL

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    • Theresa Bergen, Rockland NOW NY
      1) Like the long range planning.
      2) Resolutions should come an end date unless they are basic policy statements and then they are living documents in which you can see the evolution of policy. The resolutions committee might be very helpful in making sure that sunset clauses are included.
      3) I do not like the pre conference submission at all. Such requirements make resolutions another insider thing.
      4) I don’t worry about how the academic or law review types read our writings. Conferences are the grass roots and their writing is fine with me. The resolutions committee should never be shy about editing especially grammar, usage and spelling.


  5. 7-10 days: No, No, a 1000 times No!
    The conference is the governing body. It’s the only time the activists get together and work face to face. Why have a conference? As for wordsmithing it’s a very tricky process. As a former Resolutions Chair I tell you NOW activists don’t like having their words messed with.

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  6. I do like the stipulations put on resolutions here. I also think a srategic action plan is essential.


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