Money: Proposal Seven


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 Money: Proposal Seven

  • Set aside bequest income for:
    • Endowment fund
    • Special projects
    • Not current operating costs

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3 thoughts on “Money: Proposal Seven

  1. It’s a nice idea to not rely on bequests for operating funds, but since most people leave bequests with specific instructions for it to go to, for instance, the c3 or the PAC, it’s probably not enforceable.


  2. I don’t think this is even enforceable. Donors, even those who are donating through their wills, can choose where their money should go, can’t they? If someone names NOW INC. as the beneficiary, then it should go to the the treasury to be used as needed. If we need it to fund a new staff position, for example, so be it.
    This proposal suggests that bequests can never be used for such things, despite the intentions of the benefactor. Nope. I don’t like it.


  3. I think this would be good for long tern planning. I would suggest, a percentage of said, leaving that to the President, and budget committee. Starting at the next election.

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