5. Conferences & Committees

Webinar Date: 3/18/2015 at 8pm ET

Discussion Board Opens: 3/20/2015

Discussion Board Closes: 6/10/2015

Watch the webinar presentation for Conferences & Committees

The webinar “Conferences & Committees” started with a brief explanation of current practices regarding NOW’s annual conference, including National Officer elections, conference location selection processes, and logistics coordination.  There was significant discussion of NOW’s goals to increase conference attendance and activist participation, as well as conference committees and conference resolution processes.  The officers then reviewed the various committees of the board, both those mandated by bylaws and those permitted, but not mandated.  Next, the officers outlined the various national committees, both those mandated by bylaws and those not mandated but currently in existence.  Ten different proposals to modernize NOW’s conferences were presented, followed by four different proposals to modernize NOW’s committees (see below).  The floor then opened to a lengthy question and answer session.

PowerPoint from Conferences & Committees webinar

Proposed Concepts for Conferences & Committees:


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