Conferences: Proposal Seven


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 Conferences: Proposal Seven

  • Hold the NOW conference in the same location every year
    • Somewhere in the middle of the country that is accessible to most people
    • Cost of conference is lower than on East Coast
    • Cost-savings for using the same location could allow for a scholarship fund for conference attendance

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11 thoughts on “Conferences: Proposal Seven

  1. Laura Fausone, Brevard NOW,
    I definitely enjoy travelling to different cities. It helps give us all different perspectives, plus often times we get to meet officials and dignitaries from that area. Also, it gives NOW more exposure when a national conference is in different parts of the country. I would not be in favor of one central location.

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  2. I like the idea of holding the conference in the same place each year. I would suggest Las Vegas, as flights are always cheap and hotels are not as expensive as other places. Or Chicago, being in the center of the country (kind of). Or Washington DC, we could do lobbying before or after. If we know where the conference is, we have along time to plan. Maybe room at a college or university, even cheaper. I live in Florida, far away from everywhere.


  3. Like others, I would want to see the conference location change year-by-year. Under the current system, the host location may have all delegate slots filled each year, whereas other chapters/states would be less likely to bring all possible delegates to vote. If bylaws regarding delegated/undelegated voting and/or in-person/online voting were changed, the magnitude of this problem may change. However, this is not the only reason why people may have issues with it.

    Another perspective on this: the host chapter does take on some responsibilities to help put together the conference. Having to host the conference every year could prevent the chapter from taking action on important local issues and could lead to burn out among chapter officers.

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  4. Theresa Bergen, Rockland NOW NY
    I do not agree with the premise of the proposal. 1) Most people do not live in the center of the country and certainly most NOW members don’t live their. 2) The East coast is not more expensive than the West or other places. 3) What cost saving do we get by going to the same place each year? This makes no sense.


  5. Going to a conference allows the local/state area members to connect to the whole. Large national organizations I feel have an obligation to reach out to the membership by going around region to region and inspiring their activism. Also by going region to region, NOW leaders can see just how and what each region is working on.

    My first NOW conference was in Baton Rouge, La. in 1990. Getting to meet Molly Yard is something I will never forget. This year it is returning to Louisiana, to New Orleans. I will be there and am already excited. I agree with the above comment concerning enjoying the travel itself and the cities and states who host.

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  6. This would allow those who live near the chosen city a huge advantage every year. Grossly unfair!

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  7. Nnoooooooo!!! I like the intrigue of visiting different cities. A trip like this is the only vacation each year for some, and it’s great to arrive early and/or stay beyond the conference to explore a city.

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