Statement: Proposal One – D


Watch the webinar recording for Statement of NOW’s Purpose.  

We encourage you to use the PowerPoint presented at the webinar and the Structure Modernization Discussion Guide to help facilitate conversations in your networks.  

 Statement: Proposal One – D

  • To be used in NOW’s bylaws as the Statement of Purpose:
    • “The purpose of the National Organization for Women is to lead societal change, to create a fair, egalitarian and just culture wherein all women and girls are free to develop their full potential without fear or threat of violence, discrimination, or oppression.”

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4 thoughts on “Statement: Proposal One – D

  1. Theresa Bergen, Rockland NOW, NY
    I think the use of “without fear or threat of violence, discrimination, or oppression” is extremely powerful and important. It takes our purpose out of just politics and servers to remind anyone reading it that we are addressing the very real physically threats faced by women on a daily basis.

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  2. Judi Polson, NOW-NYC:
    Great job, all!I’m sure there will be much wordsmithing at the National Conference in New Orleans, which is completely appropriate. That said: this is my favorite of the current Purpose proposals, because:

    1. It is brief
    2. It focuses on our *leading* cultural change. (Before we said “bringing women into the mainstream”, I think, which puts us in the arena of playing catch-up.)
    3. It avoids unnecessarily academic language, so that it’s easy to share with people of all educational levels; that helps defend us from charges of elitism
    4. It simply says “all women and girls” which avoids bogging us down in a long laundry list of demographics. No risk of our forgetting a group, or of terminology changing after we adopt the Purpose, as has happened with other Resolutions over time. We say *all*, and we *mean* all. Period.

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