Money: Proposal Three


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 Money: Proposal Three

  • Incentivize chapters to be active and visible by designating a portion of rebates as “automatic funding,” and the remainder as “action funding”
  • Create a mechanism to minimize political judgment-making when action funding is requested and reported on

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2 thoughts on “Money: Proposal Three

  1. Hi Matt, elsewhere in this area, we have a list of “actions,” and a standard of three such actions per year per chapter. National NOW already decides which chapters are active and which are dormant. If we leave decisions about money up to each chapter, then can we do without a national NOW presence in Washington?

    I would prefer to see dues raised, with performance incentives for chapters that do (a) more than three actions a year; or that (b) increase membership by X%; or (c) revive a dormant chapter or revitalize dormant chapters with online technology.

    Maybe I’m so far away from the center of gravity in NOW on the East Coast that I don’t see the increasingly centralized organization you describe. Out in the red states, we need all the help we can get from larger, wealthier, more active states and the national office.

    I hope to see you in New Orleans for more constructive debate!

    Kae Chatman, Arkansas NOW


  2. Matt Shapiro, Northern NJ NOW Board Member, NOW-NJ Board Member

    This was my comment during the webinar, for those who did not see it then:

    The assumption in a number of these proposals is that dues are the property of National and rebates are something like gifts to chapters or states. When central collection of dues was agreed to a long time ago, without a by law change that should have been required for it, it’s purpose was the efficiency of the collection process, not actually taking dues money away from the chapters. The best (worst?) example of this is the proposal to split the rebates between “automatic” and “activism-based.” So if national approves of chapter activities, then it would, presumably, get full rebates. In my opinion, this is a usurpation of chapter autonomy and goes against the grassroots nature of NOW. National could decide that the automatic rebate is tiny and the “activism” rebate for Nationally approved activism is dominant. This, as well as other structural changes that have been proposed, would turn NOW into a top-down, centrally controlled, organization, rather than a grassroots organization.

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