Conference: Proposal Nine


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 Conferences: Proposal Nine

  • For Officer Elections – No nominations from the floor
  • Deadline for submitting officer ticket to Nominating Committee: 90 days before the conference

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7 thoughts on “Conference: Proposal Nine

  1. Theresa Bergen, Rockland NOW, NY
    90 days I do not understand this at all. Why have a conference if its a done deal 90 days out?


  2. Theresa Bergen, Rockland NY NOW
    A little history… In 1985, neither slate ran an Executive VP. An individual ran for the position. At the Conference that individual decided to endorse one of the slates. The other slate availed itself of the opportunity to nominate a candidate for executive VP.
    Fast forward… I don’t like slates or nominating Committees. I think there should be a Committee which accepts materials from self nominations, checks that they have met the membership requirements and publishes materials. If someone is nominated at the conference they are responsible to publish there own materials.

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  3. Bonnie Shapiro, NNJ NOW

    In NJ we put together slates as well. A couple of terms back we had no one to run on the slate for Secretary, or it could have been Treasurer. By the time of our Conference, there was someone the slate had convinced to run who was not listed anywhere. We voted for her and she won.

    That is what I mean. It happens.

    All these years there have been nominations from the floor. Has anything happened to change that?


  4. I guess I’m not sure what you mean by a “vacancy” . Candidates for National NOW office must form a “slate” .So we vote for the slate, and not for individuals. These elections are held every four years, so people have lots of time to consider whether they’re interested in running. And delegates deserve ample notifications concerning those who are running. I know that when we’ve had contested elections, my chapter discusses the slates, and their proposals, ahead of time.
    I can imagine a situation in which a candidate may, for personal reasons, drop out of the race shortly before the conference. If that were to happen, I can see the need to have a nomination from the floor to fill out the slate. But I expect that would be rare.
    What I don’t agree with is allowing a slate to be put together at the last minute, and be nominated from the floor. This seems very unfair to the competing slate that has jumped through all the required hoops within the set deadlines. It seems underhanded to me.
    I do think the nominating committee should inform the membership well in advance that the deadline is approaching, particularly if they have not received notice that more than one slate will be competing.

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  5. I understand the reasoning behind this. However, it seems awfully undemocratic to have the whole thing locked up before it ever happens, if there is only one candidate for each office. As I said at the webinar, if there is a vacancy, and someone is persuaded to run at the lat minute, that should be able to take place at the Conference. I realize that an appointment can be made later, but that does not add any excitement to the process or any democracy either. I also think that candidates should be able to withstand a challenge from the floor and voters should be able to pick the best candidate, even tho it might prove stressful or inconvenient.

    However, I do understand the arguments the others have made, so I would like to at least add language to this Proposal that if there is a vacancy for an office at the Conference, nominations will be taken from the floor.

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  6. I absolutely agree with this proposal. It’s never made any sense to me to require that candidates be vetted, asked to submit bios, etc to be shared with membership, and yet still accept nominations from the floor.


  7. An officer seat necessitating a move to D.C., it seems reasonable to have made the decision to run well in advance of the conference.


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