Committees: Proposal One


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Committees: Proposal One

  • Create a permanent Racial Justice Task Force

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6 thoughts on “Committees: Proposal One

  1. I think it should be a Diversity committee that focuses on both racial justice and justice for people with disabilities. These are the two groups that are most disenfranchised in the country and we need to address the issues of both.

    Here’s just a sample of the problem. This is related to employment by race. And employment by disability.

    In terms of employment, the unemployment rate for the general population was 5.5 percent in May according to the US Labor Department ( Blacks and People with Disabilities have the highest unemployment rate.

    Here’s the breakdown by race for May from the BLS tables
    By Race (see
    1. Caucasian 4.5%; 4.2% women age 20+; 4.1% men age 20+
    2. Blacks 10%; 8.2% women age 20+; 10.5% men age 20+
    3. Asian 3.9% (no breakdown by gender)
    For Hispanics: See
    4. Hispanics 6.3%; 6% women age 20+; 5.7% men age 20+
    For People with Disabilities: See
    5. Civilian non-institutional population 10.1%; 10.5% women age 16-64; 11.9% men age 16-64

    Joanne Tosti-Vasey
    Ni-Ta-Nee NOW (PA0555)


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