Number of National Officers: Proposal Four


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Number of National Officers: Chief of Staff Model Proposal

Chief of Staff Model:

  • Chief of Staff at National Action Center
    • Manager-level staffer
    • Leads NAC staff and activities
    • Represents NOW at coalition meetings and in DC
  • Professional staff with experience run the NAC
  • Three Officers elected and remain in original states
    • Receive salaries and benefits at manager level (salaries would be significantly less than current salaries to help pay for Chief of Staff and other expenses below)
    • Travel is paid for
    • Remote work – must supply for tech and phone needs
  • Officers can travel to assist states and chapters with organizing

* Note that parts this proposal would be written up as a recommendation from the body to the Officers as it is not the responsibility of the body to make NAC staffing decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Number of National Officers: Proposal Four

  1. Amanda, I really, really like your suggestions. NOW officers really need to be helping develop the chapters. I’m not sure all of the officers need to be in D.C. If there was an office manager and the President was in D.C. most of the time the President could work with our coalition partners. That should not be the job of the office manager. However, all 3 officers do not need to be in D.C. to do that. The VP’s could work from home and do some travelling to the various chapters. It would be especially helpful if the VP’s were from different parts of the country. Anyway, great ideas.


  2. In my opinion, it is important that we have a person to manage the office to help take the burden of some administrative tasks off the officers. To be clear, I can’t fully endorse this model as written above, but I think having someone to manage the National office is important. I’ll comment on a few other parts of the model.

    From listening to the webinars, it sounds like members want to know that the National office represents the grassroots and knows our challenges and concerns. In order to represent the grassroots, the officers should be out among the chapters providing support, advice, and institutional knowledge. Not to say that the officers shouldn’t be in the office some of the time, but their leadership and experience can help further our goals across the country. They can make the most impact in person.

    In order to take some administrative tasks off the officers, do we need to change the bylaws? Regarding the officers, the current bylaws state “The national officers may delegate such duties as may be necessary to allow them to implement the performance of their office, but they may not delegate their responsibility” (Article VI. Officers). Can anyone provide clarification on what this means?

    As I wrote before, members have voiced their strong preference for grassroots representation. So, if that is the goal, I think we would still want the elected officers to have a presence in DC and represent the organization in coalition meetings. When we the members can’t physically be in DC to fight for feminist legislation, we want our elected leaders to share the thoughts of the grassroots. We want coalitions to which we belong to hear the opinions from the NOW grassroots.

    Are we able to estimate the costs of travel if the officers lived in their original states but were traveling to DC and to other states often? Maybe the example of another organization would shed some light on this and help determine how much travel is affordable.

    I feel like this is asking to “have it all,” and maybe it is not possible to implement it at once. Maybe travel is going to increase but slowly. Maybe a development director needs to be hired first to fundraise and help make such changes sustainable. However, I think that making it possible for officers to be amongst our members in the states is an important step in growing membership and achieving legislative victories.

    I would value other members’ opinions on this!

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