4. Money & Members

Webinar Date:  2/25/2015 at 8pm ET

Discussion Board Opens:  2/27/2015

Discussion Board Closes:  6/10/2015

Watch the webinar presentation for Money & Members

During the webinar “Money & Members”, the officers explained the main sources of revenue for National NOW, how funds are distributed across the annual budget, and the features of direct mail fundraising.  During this time, the officers explained the current chapter/state rebate eligibility system(s), as well as the  various benefits and challenges of minimal chapter/state accountability of rebate expenditures.  The second section of the webinar addressed the values of being a NOW member, the different levels of engagement across NOW membership, members voting at National conferences, and the differences between delegated and undelegated voting.  Seven different proposals to modernize NOW’s revenue and expenditures were presented, followed by seven different proposals to modernize NOW’s membership and voting structure (see below).  The floor then opened to a lengthy question and answer session.

PowerPoint from Money & Members webinar.

Proposed Concepts for Money & Members:


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