Statement: Proposal Two


Watch the webinar recording for Statement of NOW’s Purpose.  

We encourage you to use the PowerPoint presented at the webinar and the Structure Modernization Discussion Guide to help facilitate conversations in your networks.  

 Statement: Proposal Two

  • Create a tagline for NOW’s marketing materials
  • Some suggestions:
    • Promoting Equality, Protecting Women’s Rights
    • Taking Action for Women’s Rights
    • Taking Action in Support of Women and Girls
    • Keeping the Voice of Women at the Forefront since 1966
    • Taking action for equality and justice since 1966
    • Taking action for women’s equality since 1966
    • Taking action to end discrimination since 1966
    • The grassroots arm of the feminist movement since 1966

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10 thoughts on “Statement: Proposal Two

  1. Gailya Paliga, President of NC NOW

    I like “Taking action for women’s equality since 1966.”

    With all of these pop-up groups, and NOW’s serious history as the lead on so many issues, our longevity sets us apart. As well as our willingness to get out there with actions and our many thoughtful articles. NOW has taken the high road on so many issues – not just going for what is pc or easy.


  2. I definitely agree that we need a tag line, it doesn’t have to include everything, but quick and NOW recognizable. Maybe, GOT NOW? I want a NOW logo sticker that I can put on my cell phone, so everyone knows a NOW person is here when I hold my phone. We need to become more visible. We should have an app to put on our mobile device to find other NOW members. It can’t be too difficult, Facebook can find other FB people and I just joined Waze, tracks me when I drive and identify other Waze drivers so they could tell me of problems on the road. We should have a NOW wallpaper to put on mobile devices. Geico insurance uses a geico and Aflak uses a duck, we are smart, we need to brand ourselves, maybe a feminist fairy?


  3. I don’t think we need “taking”. What about “Grassroots Action for Women’s Rights”? This is not a bylaws amendment and it may be something to discuss and let sit for awhile with people. It is really important to have it right! So far, I really don’t think we do. But, we’re close!


  4. I think that having a tagline would be useful. In my opinion, “The grassroots arm of the feminist movement since 1966” is the best choice. In the course of the six webinars, many members and leaders have emphasized that being grassroots is what sets NOW apart from other feminist organizations. We take pride in the grassroots nature of our work. The other taglines all describe NOW, but this one really differentiates us from other organizations.

    I do like the suggestion from the webinar to use the word “voice” or “voices” in the tagline, as opposed to “arm”. I think “voice” or “voices” captures the feeling that many members were seeking.

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  5. Don’t like including the founding year…not with the name “NOW”. Yikes!
    Maybe: Taking Grassroots Action for Women’s Rights ?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if coming up with a catchy tagline was the only thing we had to worry about? I guess I won’t be losing any sleep over this one!


  6. I think “taking action” is vague. I actually like the last one the best. “Grassroots” sends the message that novices need not be too intimidated to join us. “Since 1966” demonstrates that we are in it to win it, no matter how long it takes, that we are not easily discouraged, and we were not the last to get to this party. Maybe “Mobilizing the grassroots to achieve equality since 1966”. I also like Theresa’s brainstorming idea.

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  7. All are good but I don’t think it’s one of these. Writing tags is hard. Maybe ask everyone in New Orleans to write 5 and post them around the plenary. It’s and old brain storming technique which produces lots of duplicates and the occasional winner. Another would be to ask every one to post the one word that has to be there for them and literally count the top 3-5. I know I want ACTION and GRASSROOTS.

    I also love Terry’s suggestion and I keep trying to clean it up but then it doesn’t work.


  8. Judi Polson, NOW-NYC:

    It’s a terrific idea to have a tagline! Much wordsmithing will likely happen at the National Conference in New Orleans; I look forward to that!

    My favorite of these is “Taking Action for Women’s Rights”. Love the use of the word “action”!

    Would be great to include the “grassroots” concept; perhaps “populist” is another option. Although I like the suggestion on the webinar to replace “grassroots” with “volunteer”, I think that takes us down the risky path toward “amateur” (which has unhelpful connotations), any more than we want to include “professional” (which also has unhelpful connotations). We have, and need, both in the organization, so no need to call out either one.

    I am sad to agree with one of the comments on the webinar, that “since 1966”, at this point in time, makes us sound either old or ineffective. In 30 years we can put back it in and it will then sound like proud longevity–I hope I’m around for that!

    See you in New Orleans!!

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    • Bonnie Shapiro, NNJ NOW

      Yes, I like Taking Action for Women’s Rights also. I think Action is important to say, so it is not thought that we just talk about women’s rights. My niece and her friends have no idea what we actually do. (Yes, I tell them.)


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