Members: Proposal Six


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We encourage you to use the PowerPoint presented at the webinar and the Structure Modernization Discussion Guide to help facilitate conversations in your networks. 

 Members: Proposal Six

  • Designate types of membership (self-selecting):
    • Activists – active in their state or local chapters
      • Primarily recruited by chapter and state activists
      • Have voting rights (undelegated)
    • Members – financial support, some participation in actions, want to be “card carrying feminists”
      • Primarily recruited through Direct Mail, chapters and states can help recruit
      • No voting rights
    • Supporters – financial support, unlikely to participate in actions, do not want to be “card-carrying feminists”
      • Mostly recruited through Direct Mail
      • No voting rights

Posting Instructions

1. If you want to share your thoughts on a proposal (remember these are just concepts, the actual language will be developed later), write your reply in the text box bellow the words Leave Reply, and in the box “Enter your comment here…”

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4. Remember be respectful and friendly! All NOW members want to work to improve the organization and it takes collaboration and patience on our part as a grassroots organization to make sure that all of our members voices are heard – even those with whom we may disagree with.

5. Be creative and don’t be afraid to say what you think! It is vital that you share your opinions — in order to create the best proposals possible we need to know what all of the members think! This site is for YOU to have your voices heard.


7 thoughts on “Members: Proposal Six

  1. So what happens when someone decides to change their level of activism. I have been both and activist and a paper-only supporter.
    I also think this creates second class members, which imho, is discriminatory AND violates our current bylaws as well as what has been posted in the revision we will be debating next week.

    Article III. Membership states at the end of the paragraph:
    “No person who subscribes to NOW’s purpose shall be excluded from membership, segregated, or otherwise discriminated against within the organization.”

    I believe this proposal puts us on the slippery slope of segregation. I want nothing to do with such a proposal.

    Joanne Tosti-Vasey
    Ni-Ta-Nee NOW
    PA 0555


  2. After reading comments… sounds like most are on same page — solid thought – lots to work out after dust settles on everything else.

    Florida Lake NOW


  3. Interesting.
    I’d stick with two categories: Activist Members and Supporting Members (eliminating the middle category) I wonder what would happen if we only applied the sliding scale to activist members, and required a minimum flat fee of supporting members ($35?) ? Activists would be those who actually participate on a regular basis in their chapter or state organizations’ activities. At-large members in areas where there are no such sub-units may choose to serve on a national task force, or help with a national campaign, etc. This would qualify them for the category that allows them voting rights. Supporting members would be those who prefer not to be engaged in the work of NOW on a regular basis, but who support its’ goals with their dues.

    I belong to a number of organizations to which I send annual dues. Some provide no opportunity for further involvement beyond signing the occasional petition. Others offer that chance through chapters, etc. But there are only so many hours in the day, and so I choose which will receive only my money, and which will get my time, skills, and participation in decision making, etc. For me, those are NOW and ACLU. I am happy to help support the other groups, but have no interest in any additional involvement. NOW has members who feel the same concerning NOW. So why not recognize that, and make the distinction?


  4. I think the benefit would be in gaining information about how the new member views their role in NOW. Could help in member development, provided National decides to hire development staff.

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  5. Dina S Willner Northern NJ NOW

    I think that “active” in a chapter needs to be defined before I can be comfortable with this.

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